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Most versatile, from individual pieces to serial production moulds:
- No-Bake
- Permanent
- 3D prototype
- Resin
- Polystyrene, etc.


- Ductile Iron ASTM 395 grades: 60-40-18, 65-45-12, 80-55-06
- Grey Iron ASTM A48 grade: C20, C25, C30, C40
- Automotive Grey Iron SAE J431 grade: G3000, G3500
- Aluminum ASTM SB26 grade: A356

Full machining

- Horizontal CNC HTC400
- Vertical CNC VTC20
- Nexus CNC QTN200
- Vertical CNC drill


- 2 Induction furnaces Dual Therm (6000kg/h)
- 1 Reverberatory furnace (500kg/h)


- OBLF spectrometer
- Metallographic analysis
- Digital microscope


We use industry's best programs for best service:
- AutoCAD
- SolidWorks

mechanical testing

- Durometer
- HB scale King Tester
- HRC & HRB scales Mitutoyo
- Ultrasound Sonatest 123
- MFL testing 100KN


- Electrostatic Powder Coating
- 3D prototype manufacturing
- Design assistance
- Casting design
- Mold storage (short & long term)

the future is here

Fundido Universal has significantly improved the over the years. We started developing small and simple models; but now, we can manufacture any piece regardless of size, complexity or the finishing design of it. We have evolved with the needs of our customers and it is something we are proud of.

our vision

We generate creative and cost effective solutions to suit your business needs and guarantee a top quality product. We aim to become Mexico’s leading metal casting provider.


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